Are you an artist wanting to show off?

Send me your image/images, a link to your website where I can find your art, and your name and you may just find your worked being reblogged for the masses.

- If it’s not yours, you need to credit the artist! No credit = No post (A link to their website is best)
-If you have a website to find more of your art, post it.
- Giant files from hell are not my friend, and freakishly small photo’s just suck, watch the size, ok?
-PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FOLLOW THE POSTING FORMAT. (I don’t need three paragraphs about why I should post this and how your cat is doing.)
- If you send me obscene or inartistic pornographic images, I will send my army of trolls to come and harass you.

If you have any more Questions, feel free to ask!
Post Away~

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